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Book of Nights
15 December 1963
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A Book of Nights
Here goes:
I am (in no particular order) a Witch, polyamorous, a mother, tattooed, friendly, introverted, bi-sexual, the friendly voice when you call in for customer service, artist (or wannabe artist), and book worm. And very shy, but people so rarely believe that, I've almost given up trying to explain.

I love to laugh though I've given up trying to make other people laugh. I love to read, both to myself and aloud. I secretly write poetry, which I then share, but always with an embarrassment caused by the saying "Stay away from poets that read their own poetry in public. They may do other inappropriate things" (or something like that).

I love telling stories. Just for themselves, and also for healing or ritual purposes. That's part of why I love tattoos. They tell a story. I only have two at the moment, but I have plans to get more :)

I'm very tall. I'm secretly passionate and romantic. I'm afraid of being powerful and afraid of people being sexually attracted to me, though I'm working on both of those issues :)

As to my friends list... I add people to my friends list on a whim. I remove them as well. If I add you to my friends list, I have no expectation/desire that you'll add me. Personally, I hope the only people that add me to their friends list are people that actually enjoy reading what I write.

I have a Cast of Characters here. This tells about some of the different people I may mention in my LJ.

My emergency contact info and will are in my first post on this journal here. It's currently a privately locked post, but in the event of the notification of my death or other emergency, I give Live Journal permission to read that post and share the information found there with my family and/or emergency services.

walk in beauty,

Book of Nights

Updated to include my interests.

These were my listed interests until Six Apart thought that illegal and immoral . I have reduced my list to one until a saner approach to keeping pedophiles from preying via LJ is found and implemented:

adhd, altered books, aphrodite, art, artemis, athena, bast, bastet, book of shadows, books, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, chocolate, classic movies, compassionate communication, compilation tapes, computers, creativity, dandelions, decluttering, design, divination, dragonflies, empathy, face blindness, faeries, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, fog, folklore, forests, fraggles, furniture rearrangement, generosity, geomancy, getting things done, goddess, goddesses, gods, group marriage, guy gavriel kay, gypsymoon.com, harry potter, herne, infp, intentional community, janet kagan, kipling, labyrinths, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, madeleine l'engle, magic, magick, mist, muppets, mythology, narnia, nature, nectarines, octopi, otters, pagan, paganism, palm pilots, parenting, pat fish tattoos, pbs, pcos, persephoneplus.com, polyamory, polyamoury, polycystic ovarian disease, polyfidelity, pre-raphaelite art, pre-raphaelites, prosopagnosia, psychology, queer, rain, read and release, reading, reiki, ritual design, rituals, robin hood, rosemary edghill, rudyard kipling, sacred sex, sapiosexuality, science fiction, sea horses, sea stars, sherri s. tepper, siamese cats, storytelling, tarot, tattoos, the artist's way, the smell of books, tidepools, touch healing, transformation, under water, vanilla, web page design, wicca, witchcraft, wolves, wyrding way, x-files, yoga.

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