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Back up plans

May 8th, 2008 (08:29 pm)

I'm the kind of person who creates back up plans for my back up plans. And they'd work great, if only I remembered them!

I'm fully expecting to get laid off from work in the next few months. (My money is on August.) That means that Michael and I will be without health insurance until I get medical benefits through my next job. So, my back up plan is to order three month's worth of meds at once. (My health plan will let me do that with most of my meds.) My back up plan for my back up plan is to check out Walmart's $4 generic drug plan. However, I totally forgot about the Walmart $4 meds back up/back up plan and was busy stressing out about one of my meds possibly not getting covered by my insurance. It ended up being covered, so I didn't need to rember the Walmart plan, but still... What's the point of all this planning if I don't remember it? (Oh, and my back up plan for my back up/back up plan is to get Michael's state health insurance reactivated after I get laid off.)

When I get laid off, I'm going to join a temp agency or two (that worked really well for me the last time I got laid off). I'm also going to check out some local work options. If I could get a job closer to home that would let me take Michael to school in the morning, that would be ideal.